Monday, February 27, 2006

Step up

Step up and tell us

You think you're slick with your trick
You like to walk in the room and provoke
But all you've proved in the end is that
You're the one who's the pathetic joke

You think it's about what you say
But tell us what it is you've done
Have you personally ever stood guard
In the black of the night till dawn

Have you even been on the mat
With somebody trying to take you down
Has somebody ever swung on you
For being such an obvious ass clown

Tell us all about how you faired
When you've fussed ranted and fumed
But being a wise ass wasn't enough
To get you out of a physical room

Tell us all about an act of bravery
That speaks well of your humility and soul
Tell us all about how you've stood in the wind
And bore witness to the rain the pain

And the cold

1:27 pm
transcribed this time
10:10 am

Monday, February 06, 2006

All this

All this

All this blame game at every
Twist and turn of second rate fate
And I’m the one you’re up against
I’m the one you say you hate

All this insipid feminization
Of every man who takes a stand
And I’m the one you think
Has got to meet the new demands

All this weak kneed apologizing
And gutless wonders on bended knees
And I’m the one you think
Should bow and scrape to please

All this puffed up pontificating
And excellence be flat out damned
And I’m the one you think
Will be your sacrificial lamb

You’d do better jumping in a fire
Sliding down a ragged jagged grate
Before that opinion with me
Would ever carry any weight

All these garbage spewing doings
And hustlers offering up their chump bait
And I’m the one you’re up against
I’m the one

I’m the one you say you hate

7:51 pm
transcribed this time
7:33 am