Tuesday, September 29, 2009

To fight evil

One has to be brave
One has to go deep into the guts
One has to measure carefully
The full meaning of the ifs ands and buts

That is applied to the situation
Where does strength lie
What is it that blinds the truthful eyes
When does discretion apply

For slippery is the motivation
Of snakes and creepy crawly things
And circle talks that never unlock
But wind about in endless rings

That surround the everyday
And follow you into the night
How does not risking being wrong
Qualify one to pursue what’s right

9:17 am
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1:29 pm


Thursday, July 09, 2009


She's nobody's tiger shark
More like a rat infested with fleas
That leap off and bite you
And leave you with the plague of her disease

She's nobody's lioness stalking
She's more like a Hyena sneaking
She has no eye of the eagle
More like a scavenger furtively peeking

She's a bottom feeder slithering
Through the sewers of slime
She wins no savage battles
But is satisfied at wasting your time

She dares no true victory
Because she risks no loss
There's no true allegiance to her
No one she will not double cross

10:21 pm
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10:27 pm


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oh man I don't know what I'll do

If the queers don't like me
If they consider me a bad bad man
Because I don't care whether they get it
I could hardly really give less of a damn

About their views about marriage
Because it's between a woman and a man
I'm not explaining anything to idiots anymore
I'd rather give them the back of my hand

I'd knock one down if he dared to enter
And interrupt my church's goings on
I'd hit him so hard he wouldn't know if
He was there or had already got up and gone

No son of mine will have a gay boy scout leader
That sick slick would find himself in one helleva fix
Not that he'd be able to pin it on anybody
No matter how many he knew of the ACLU tricks

He'd just have an accident
And that's all I'm going to say
I'm not in their masturbate debate club
They can just get the hell out of the way

He'd just have an accident in
My Marines my fire team my squad
He could section 8 scream it leavin
Lame flame game blame'n it all on God

And I wouldn't even care a little bit
I ain't putin up with it anymore
And believe me I wouldn't need to get caught
To relieve me of my guilt or to even out the score

I'd be as bright eyed as the day I was born
I'd be as innocent as a lamb
I've had enough of the no let ups on the sets up
I believe it's time for the rise of the

Hetero-sexual Northern Eurocentric man

9:28 pm
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10:48 am


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Great Scott

This is the time of the Jihad

This is the time of the Holy war
This is the time of the saviors
Who try to pretend they're not whores

Petty are the arguments
Revenge and self righteousness reign
To be insulted is the worst offense
Other than choosing to be insane

Minimizing by criticizing
But not allowing any hits back
Champions of the world
But only with their sneak attacks

Consider this offering here
Supposedly a stupid waste of time
How dare everyone not express alike
How dare uniqueness apply to the human mind

Man I hate the petty tyrants
And their go along squad
The only one equal to their opinion
Might be just might be God's

They don't have to prove anything
Insinuation is enough
Come on come on what's that other part
About when the going gets tough

11:06 pm
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11:42 am


Monday, March 02, 2009

Why do you subject yourself to people who act like assholes all the time

I like to kick bad guys in the nuts the knees the ribs
I like to fuck them up and completely ruin their day
Because I hate them for everything they do
And every stupid ass ridiculous thing they have to say

I like to psychological hurt the bullies of the world
I like to see real fear come up into their eyes
When I strip them of all their false front image
And expose all their manipulative selfish ignorant lies

Innocent people are hurt Good people suffer
Because fools have been gettin way to much slack
They're not really arguing points they're like poison
Or a scum bag tryin to stab you in the back

I subject myself to them because I have the skill
To turn all their bullshit around on them at times
I have the ability to actually hurt their souls
And put off balance their small petty weak minds

The whole world has gone half crazy
But there are still people of excellent quality and style
And for those individuals of effort toughness and courage
I am always willing to go that extra mile

You can succeed in many ways in this world
But nothing beats in some way making your enemy die
Nothing beats taking them down hard and then
Standing foot on his chest and raising your weapon

In Victory to the sky

9:41 pm
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9:49 pm


Thursday, February 05, 2009


On some guy asserting
He does know shit

Yeah but I mean when you don't have a spoon and fork in your hand
And a napkin tucked under your chin
Or you aren't anxious and waiting to use your tongue
For some dude who ran out of toilet paper as a way to make a friend

12;21 pm

Friday, January 16, 2009

Train schedules

Train schedules Conductors and Tickets
Or why nobody believes you're in the big league
If you don't bring your own balls

You guys are so pathetic
You guys are so small
You've done nothing with your lives
And in the end you'll have done nothing at all

You have no will to achieve
You have no drive to excel
You walk around in mundanity
And there is where you'll dwell

You see no greatness in the humble
You see no magic in the everyday
You hear no miracle in a bird's song
Or what a child might offhandedly say

You pride yourselves on shared put downs
And derisions decisions to demean
All of which is admittedly much much easier
Than to muster the courage it takes to dream

So cackle and laugh and dance and prance
And point and snicker and hide behind snide
But one day the conductor's gonna punch your ticket
The one you're countin on you think

Entitles you to a free ride

4:51 pm
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8:18 pm