Wednesday, June 28, 2006

You and your kind

You and your kind
You haven’t got what it takes

You haven't got what it takes
To cross the rivers
You don't have any rocky crevices
On which you've cut your time

You just want to pretend you're not
A taker but a giver
You don't want to deeply commit
With body spirit and mind

You're empty promise and imitation
You're the hollow empty shell
You peck around the edges of creation
And softly sneak around Freedoms bell

You accuse with a reptiles tongue
You ankle bite and run away
But when turned and faced directly
Suddenly you have nothing to say

9:31 pm
transcribed this time
9:34 pm


Till time is no more

Till time is no more

I do seem to find myself in a world at times where people
Are more concerned with image rather than ability
I do seem to find myself in situations where the focus
Leans more toward what it looks like than a true desire to see

I work hard everyday to distinguish between those
Who would but use my time till time is no more
I am looking for in my searching exchanges something
That will leave both parties a little less poor

In body spirit or mind there is a core
A center that can humble the strongest of strong
Nobody finds their way in this world without somewhere
Having to admit down the line they were wrong

And I still do when the circumstances come to bear
I will however honor truth and courage over falsity and pride
And I will stand on my principals and speak my mind
Frankly I don't even think I can remember

How to hide

10:27 pm
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7:53 am


Monday, June 26, 2006

The challenge stands

Fake apologies
And yet....

The challenge stands

Oh yeah
You're lying prostrate and back pedaling profusely now
Genuflecting and taking back what you proclaimed
Were truthful assertions from you and your fellow sacred cows

But still with the back hand at the compliment ready
Still with the jilted tilted slight thin lipped sneer
Still with the no thunder under the breath utterances
Because arrogance won't allow you to admit to your fear

That's why you said everybody cringed when I came in
You said it like Holy victim hood was your sacred shield
You are so used to your race baiter traitor hustle
And sliding away by using the tactical temporary yield

But not this time this time here it is out in the open
This time you have to live out here in public view
This time it's not some clique’s secret bag of tricks
This time it has to be the one and only you

So bring on what you've got use your influence
Bring in the city’s stand up self proclaimed best
Let's see what you've got when nobody has to
Pass through your intentionally demeaning tests

Border security is one of the most important issues
Of this nation and its citizens’ life and times
Why don't all of you and all the sycophants
Of the self appointed and self anointed

Step forth and speak your minds

10:05 am
this was a response to one of the
"cool kids" from the local scene here is
San Antonio. It is from a discussion
on the site.

"Mexicans and Texans Talking"....
And ohhh yeahhh they're pretending as hard
as they can they're all unbiased but
in their best of section of course
they have NO ONE from the
Anti Illegal Alien Invasion
point of view front and center....

transcribed this time
11:06 am


Thursday, June 01, 2006

The truth

The truth

The truth is in my heart
The truth is in my steel
The truth is in my mind
And is what makes me real

I don't need a baby bottle
I don't need kool aid drinks
Or any Jim Jones wanna be's
To tell me how to think

7:02 pm
transcribed this time
3:37 am