Sunday, November 23, 2008


I'm not tricky about it
I'm not making you a fool
You do that all by yourself
You're your own best tool

I honestly hate you
Like that isn't a valid state
Beats all that victim dictum
That spews out of reprobates

I also love
I'm also kind
I can think for myself
And responsible for my own mind

I can be really savage
All out edgy rage
Is written all over my books
When I leaf though page to page

At least I'm not a whiney dog
At least I'm not a beast
Who steals his way into the tent
And thinks he's entitled at the feast

I like my brothers and family
I like me and mine
I like Bar B Que and Southern Music
That'll do me just fine


Don't be sayin I didn't tell ya
Don't be sayin you weren't warned
Don't be tryin anymore to set me up
Because I'm not in the least bit torn

If you survive or need my help
Or want my money guns or food

I kinda actually hate you as a way of life
And not some come and go kind of mood

4:17 pm
transcribed this time
5:25 pm


Thursday, November 20, 2008

I miss Katie

I miss her intelligence
I miss her wild wonderful stories
About death and love and sex
And some part time glory

I miss her rants and raves
I miss her cutting through the crap
She didn't easily fall in line with a
Bunch of namby pamby wussy pap

Katie could dish it out
But man she had some stalkers
She didn't care she never was a
Fan of any empty brained talker

People would just freak out
When she'd tell'm to eat shit and die
She was all kinds of crazy heat with a beat
I like chicks who can make you laugh and cry

With their direct approach to the truth
I like hard corps rollin and bold
I'll always take the fire for effect kind
Over the tepid critics and their shoulders cold

6:18 pm
transcribed this time
5:28 pm


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Your tolerance

Your tolerance is amazing
Your moral equivalency is strong
How convenient being blind to the obvious
Makes you never wrong

How compassionate and understanding
How open minded and deep
Like the media isn't completely depraved
And rooting for abominations number one creep

Petty details distractions and deflections
The tools of trash talking squawking fools
Morons who don't even know what the game is
Oh but they sure do want to tell us the rules

9:31 am

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Witness to the Cruelty

The dog is screaming
And the master just lets it go on
The dog is dying
But the master’s heart is gone

The dog is bleeding
While the master only looks down
The dog is crying pleading
But the master is a punk bitch clown

The master loves his image
He loves for his animal to have game
But he doesn’t have to have any
He doesn’t even have to use his brain

The dog is paying the full price
For the master not having any feelings
All the master loves is his adrenalin
Pumping and his senses reeling

The master gets all the credit
While the dog looks up into his eyes
But all he sees in his master
Are shallow self indulgent evil lies


The dog is bleeding bleeding
While the master only looks down
The dog is crying pleading
But the master is punk bitch clown


It ought to be the so called master
That gets his throat ripped out
Dog fighters are among the lowest of the low
And of that there is no doubt

6:36 pm
transcribed this time
6:43 pm