Sunday, November 23, 2008


I'm not tricky about it
I'm not making you a fool
You do that all by yourself
You're your own best tool

I honestly hate you
Like that isn't a valid state
Beats all that victim dictum
That spews out of reprobates

I also love
I'm also kind
I can think for myself
And responsible for my own mind

I can be really savage
All out edgy rage
Is written all over my books
When I leaf though page to page

At least I'm not a whiney dog
At least I'm not a beast
Who steals his way into the tent
And thinks he's entitled at the feast

I like my brothers and family
I like me and mine
I like Bar B Que and Southern Music
That'll do me just fine


Don't be sayin I didn't tell ya
Don't be sayin you weren't warned
Don't be tryin anymore to set me up
Because I'm not in the least bit torn

If you survive or need my help
Or want my money guns or food

I kinda actually hate you as a way of life
And not some come and go kind of mood

4:17 pm
transcribed this time
5:25 pm


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