Friday, October 28, 2005

Blonde Justice

Once upon a time

I heard blonde justice call my name
And I did answer without any fear
She had seen enough of worry
She had seen enough sadness and tears

And just for this moment perhaps
I thought she should know one smile
That did not ask her to face any troubles
Or yet another set of miles and trials

For somewhere out here is a gift of life
Somewhere out here is a season
That brings to us a quiet evenings light
That is not wrought by rhyme or reason

But exists simply on its own
Like the fall air that cools the skin
And speaks to us like one does
When standing next to a friend

Once upon a time
I heard blonde justice call my name
And being a brave soul poet fool
Or romantic took a step toward her flame

11:14 pm
transcribed this time
11:26 pm

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Give away everything

Give away everything
Please don’t hurt me
Give away everything
I will be your whore

Give away everything
Please don’t desert me
I’ll make everything
The way it was before

You will speak my language
We will take your food
I’ll burn the Bill of Rights
If it suits my mood

You think you got it going
Then I fill your head with doubt
I’m the dangerous one among you
Your own kind selling you out

If trapped beneath a falling object
Could you cut off your hand
Or would you lay there and die
Sayin this is what God demands

Don’t tell me that I don’t love you
Don’t tell me anything at all
And keep your hands off my damn bike
Unless you want to permanently crawl

Just like you morally do
Just like when you implicate
That I’m the one who did you wrong
Because you can’t clean the slate

People keep talking their culture
People keep talking their rights
Tellin you what you can do for them
And takin everything in sight

Possibly the early 90’s
Written on Belknap Street

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

See ya all around

See ya all around in the
Rage in the cage with gloves
See you all around in the
Ink on the page about love

See ya all around in the sky
And the midnight blue
And whether any of you
Like it or not

I want and expect
The best from you.........

10:26 pm
transcribed this time
10:29 pm

Monday, October 17, 2005

It is in my longing for perfection that....

It is in my longing for perfection
That ….

I want to say something so stupid
That it makes any one hearing it stupid as well
I want to say something so mudane and uninteresting
That the best I'll get is a what the Hell

I want to assert my superiority over nothing
I want to placate the authoritarian rule
I want to nit pit the quick and the light and bright
I want to be drenched in the words of fools

Oh to be offended over nothing
That'll show how sensitive I am
And yes I work to build my dreams
But only as long as it's over quick sand

How temporary can it all be constructed
How paper thin can be made the walls
Look how brave and gallant I'll be
If I'm always ready to throw away it all

Come show the me road to nowhere
Come guide me down to the pit of despair
Come introduce me to the wheelers and dealers
Who appear as though they'll be bargaining

Even unto their last breath of air

6:03 pm

Saturday, October 15, 2005

On my wondrous guaranteed redemption

On my wondrous
Guaranteed redemption

I could beat Mother Theresa to death
I could stomp the life out of Gandhi himself
And I would of course be instantly forgiven
Because it's true I'm better than any one else

I'm better than all the saints and holy men
The miracles mean nothing without me
Only I know all the secret passage ways
Only I know the one true door and have its key

Praise be to me and tolerate my every move
Bow scrape and grovel before my every whim
And don't try any of those light tricks with me
You know I prefer it low and comfortable and dim

7:39 pm

What is today's lesson plan

What is today's lesson plan

Teacher of all that is good
And clean intelligent and bright
Keeper of the truth and integrity
Guardian of the one true light

Tell us how we can be like you
Tell us all how we should be
What is that we should all do
If we are to become open and free

Share with us your creativity
Share with us what you've earned
Show us our proper places and graces
That one day we too might learn

To look through the tears of the years
And up up into the breath taking vision
That we too my soar aloft
And escape all this earthly derision

8:33 pm
transcribed this time
12:29 am

Ah Shoot

Shoot that terrorist in the head
Shoot them again to ensure they're dead

Shoot them often
Shoot them quick
Shoot them close up
Or from back a few clicks

Shoot a terrorists
Where he stands
Shoot them down
To their last man

Shoot them in the morning
Shoot them at night
Shoot them because you know
It feels all right

Shoot them before coffee
Shoot them before dawn
Keep pulling that trigger
Till they're all gone

Shoot that terrorist in the head
Shoot them again to ensure they're dead

12:28 pm