Saturday, October 22, 2005

Give away everything

Give away everything
Please don’t hurt me
Give away everything
I will be your whore

Give away everything
Please don’t desert me
I’ll make everything
The way it was before

You will speak my language
We will take your food
I’ll burn the Bill of Rights
If it suits my mood

You think you got it going
Then I fill your head with doubt
I’m the dangerous one among you
Your own kind selling you out

If trapped beneath a falling object
Could you cut off your hand
Or would you lay there and die
Sayin this is what God demands

Don’t tell me that I don’t love you
Don’t tell me anything at all
And keep your hands off my damn bike
Unless you want to permanently crawl

Just like you morally do
Just like when you implicate
That I’m the one who did you wrong
Because you can’t clean the slate

People keep talking their culture
People keep talking their rights
Tellin you what you can do for them
And takin everything in sight

Possibly the early 90’s
Written on Belknap Street

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