Monday, October 17, 2005

It is in my longing for perfection that....

It is in my longing for perfection
That ….

I want to say something so stupid
That it makes any one hearing it stupid as well
I want to say something so mudane and uninteresting
That the best I'll get is a what the Hell

I want to assert my superiority over nothing
I want to placate the authoritarian rule
I want to nit pit the quick and the light and bright
I want to be drenched in the words of fools

Oh to be offended over nothing
That'll show how sensitive I am
And yes I work to build my dreams
But only as long as it's over quick sand

How temporary can it all be constructed
How paper thin can be made the walls
Look how brave and gallant I'll be
If I'm always ready to throw away it all

Come show the me road to nowhere
Come guide me down to the pit of despair
Come introduce me to the wheelers and dealers
Who appear as though they'll be bargaining

Even unto their last breath of air

6:03 pm


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neilsthepoet said...

Is the digital equivalent of
the dog crapping on your carpet

Although...I love my dog

10:08 pm