Friday, January 16, 2009

Train schedules

Train schedules Conductors and Tickets
Or why nobody believes you're in the big league
If you don't bring your own balls

You guys are so pathetic
You guys are so small
You've done nothing with your lives
And in the end you'll have done nothing at all

You have no will to achieve
You have no drive to excel
You walk around in mundanity
And there is where you'll dwell

You see no greatness in the humble
You see no magic in the everyday
You hear no miracle in a bird's song
Or what a child might offhandedly say

You pride yourselves on shared put downs
And derisions decisions to demean
All of which is admittedly much much easier
Than to muster the courage it takes to dream

So cackle and laugh and dance and prance
And point and snicker and hide behind snide
But one day the conductor's gonna punch your ticket
The one you're countin on you think

Entitles you to a free ride

4:51 pm
transcribed this time
8:18 pm


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