Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Till time is no more

Till time is no more

I do seem to find myself in a world at times where people
Are more concerned with image rather than ability
I do seem to find myself in situations where the focus
Leans more toward what it looks like than a true desire to see

I work hard everyday to distinguish between those
Who would but use my time till time is no more
I am looking for in my searching exchanges something
That will leave both parties a little less poor

In body spirit or mind there is a core
A center that can humble the strongest of strong
Nobody finds their way in this world without somewhere
Having to admit down the line they were wrong

And I still do when the circumstances come to bear
I will however honor truth and courage over falsity and pride
And I will stand on my principals and speak my mind
Frankly I don't even think I can remember

How to hide

10:27 pm
transcribed this time
7:53 am


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