Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Great Scott

This is the time of the Jihad

This is the time of the Holy war
This is the time of the saviors
Who try to pretend they're not whores

Petty are the arguments
Revenge and self righteousness reign
To be insulted is the worst offense
Other than choosing to be insane

Minimizing by criticizing
But not allowing any hits back
Champions of the world
But only with their sneak attacks

Consider this offering here
Supposedly a stupid waste of time
How dare everyone not express alike
How dare uniqueness apply to the human mind

Man I hate the petty tyrants
And their go along squad
The only one equal to their opinion
Might be just might be God's

They don't have to prove anything
Insinuation is enough
Come on come on what's that other part
About when the going gets tough

11:06 pm
transcribed this time
11:42 am


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