Monday, March 02, 2009

Why do you subject yourself to people who act like assholes all the time

I like to kick bad guys in the nuts the knees the ribs
I like to fuck them up and completely ruin their day
Because I hate them for everything they do
And every stupid ass ridiculous thing they have to say

I like to psychological hurt the bullies of the world
I like to see real fear come up into their eyes
When I strip them of all their false front image
And expose all their manipulative selfish ignorant lies

Innocent people are hurt Good people suffer
Because fools have been gettin way to much slack
They're not really arguing points they're like poison
Or a scum bag tryin to stab you in the back

I subject myself to them because I have the skill
To turn all their bullshit around on them at times
I have the ability to actually hurt their souls
And put off balance their small petty weak minds

The whole world has gone half crazy
But there are still people of excellent quality and style
And for those individuals of effort toughness and courage
I am always willing to go that extra mile

You can succeed in many ways in this world
But nothing beats in some way making your enemy die
Nothing beats taking them down hard and then
Standing foot on his chest and raising your weapon

In Victory to the sky

9:41 pm
transcribed this time
9:49 pm


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