Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oh man I don't know what I'll do

If the queers don't like me
If they consider me a bad bad man
Because I don't care whether they get it
I could hardly really give less of a damn

About their views about marriage
Because it's between a woman and a man
I'm not explaining anything to idiots anymore
I'd rather give them the back of my hand

I'd knock one down if he dared to enter
And interrupt my church's goings on
I'd hit him so hard he wouldn't know if
He was there or had already got up and gone

No son of mine will have a gay boy scout leader
That sick slick would find himself in one helleva fix
Not that he'd be able to pin it on anybody
No matter how many he knew of the ACLU tricks

He'd just have an accident
And that's all I'm going to say
I'm not in their masturbate debate club
They can just get the hell out of the way

He'd just have an accident in
My Marines my fire team my squad
He could section 8 scream it leavin
Lame flame game blame'n it all on God

And I wouldn't even care a little bit
I ain't putin up with it anymore
And believe me I wouldn't need to get caught
To relieve me of my guilt or to even out the score

I'd be as bright eyed as the day I was born
I'd be as innocent as a lamb
I've had enough of the no let ups on the sets up
I believe it's time for the rise of the

Hetero-sexual Northern Eurocentric man

9:28 pm
transcribed this time
10:48 am


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