Saturday, June 18, 2005

Garbage Diamonds or Clowns

Garbage diamonds or clowns

I see them both as arrogant garbage
I see them both as discarded trash
They both are rotting in the sun from
Self admiration and act out rude and rash

They speak and stand for nothing
They pretend to well meaning intentions
But their real beliefs come forth when
There's the slightest challenging contention

They go completely off line and blank
They go right off into their auto brain mode
Sinking completely into stinking thinking
And operating as if born in a commode

They don't care if they make any sense
They've got the sameo lameo attacks
And they'll probably stay that way forever
Because they'll never admit to what they lack

And that's the ability to critically think
When the weight of fate comes down
Because hard core pressure creates diamonds
Or has you coming off looking like a clown

If you haven't got what it takes
To slow down and see it and how it flows
But really

Neither one of the bums is interested in learning
Anything than what they already know

11:00 pm
transcribed this time
1:26 pm

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