Wednesday, August 24, 2005

On offers of compromisingly ... getting along

Forget it

I don't care what creeps like or don't like
I don't care what the nit picky say
I don't care what fair means if it's some ruse
To get me to bow down before mediocrity's way

Don't be pushin on me if you don't
Want to get substantially shoved right back
I don't need some rough puffs screamin
And whinin like I've been on an all out attack

Because if you swear you were just going light
And think I came back way too strong
Then you need to be writing lyrics
To some of the back street boys songs

And if there has to be one more lesson
Someone thinks they need to be teaching me
Let's just say I'm not any body's whippin boy
And I quit taken shots long ago for free

5:10 pm
transcribed this time
5:24 pm
no disclaimer on this one
if you take it personally
maybe you should.......


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