Thursday, September 01, 2005

Keep your truck running

Keep several foot lockers with food
Keep a lot of portable water on hand
Keep guns and and plenty of ammunition
Have a mind set ready to meet the demands

Louisiana is a natural disaster
And look what's happening there
You might want to have some plans
And routes if you say you care

Anything can happen
It can all just suddenly go off grid
I'm not depending on somebody else
To know the right size garbage can lid

I make these decisions myself
I don't want to do any un-necessary harm
But I'm not leavin it up to shooters and looters
And my ability to turn them away with charm

We are being invaded by criminal forces
Too many have lost their frontier attitude
Too many coddle and doddle
And spout off meaningless platitudes

Everybody better get in shape
Everybody better dig down deep
Because slime at best is biding its time
To kill you while you sleep

8:02 pm

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