Saturday, November 05, 2005

I bet I could

Hit you twice
Before your teeth hit the ground
From the first punch

Oh yes
Speed and power
They do add to the sound
Of that satisfying crunch

Of the facial bones
Breaking from a quick left
Devastating right

Keep it up you
Punk poser loser
Keep praying to
That dark edge of night

That is coming for
Your disrespectful
Shameless gutless
Spineless worthless ways

Just like in this case you
Hear of a brave courageous man
And all you’ve got is some
Low life scumbag thing to say

7:09 pm
written in response to
some anti-anything protestor
making some smart ass comment
on another man's actual brave deeds
transcribed this time
2:00 pm



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Spam on someone's blog?

That's low.

neilsthepoet said...


Your pants are too big
Your pants are too low
Who gives a damn
What you think you know

Rap and Crap
Hip Hop and Slop
Blooming idiots
Looks like they've got

A bumper crop

2:21 pm