Sunday, May 21, 2006

A mini-14

A mini-14
And a campers pack

A military compass
And a plan for a counter attack

After the first assault
After all the chaos and death
A place picked out ahead of time
Where one might gather one’s breath

And have access to some water
A place to slip in and out of
When returning back to the study
Of the death angels avenging love

A spyder-co foldable knife
And some MRE’s
A portable virul water filter
Because that’s how it’s going to be

Hard and real
Dirty and down
Once they’ve blown up
Or poisoned your town

Will you have your re-supply
Buried around in different locations
Because it’s going to be a different
World……….a different nation

Flint and steel
Fire and cold
Survival will become
The main business of the soul

And you better have the guts for it
You better grow yourself a back bone
Because everywhere is where danger will be
And everywhere and anywhere will be your home

8:36 am


Anonymous said...

Spyderco V8-10 - got it! Thanks

neilsthepoet said...

Hey another cut up...

Thanks for stopping by!!

9:26 am