Monday, September 04, 2006

Four Questions

Four Questions in search
Of a realization

Do you realize you incite to riot
Provoke to an extreme
The urge that rises up inside
To make your blood flow like a stream

Do you realize your inner compass
Does not know North from South
But maybe that could be corrected
With a two by four to the mouth

Do you realize you're suicidal
And socially suck to the core
And mostly you come off as a
Cross between a whore and a bore

Do you realize your moral equivolency
And knee jerk urge to appease
Is just adding to the speed of the re-bar
That is headed toward your knees

9:08 am
standard disclaimer as to
intending no "real" violence
by this arrangement of words
at this time
transcribed this time
9:37 am


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