Friday, November 03, 2006

A Broken Back

Another explanation
Another whacked out crack
At another creation

Another infected wound
Bleeding on your shirt
How impolite
And who cares if you're hurt

Can't you shut up
Don't you know by now
We're never given in
Till completely overpowered somehow

Then I'll be on your side
Then I always was
Then I'll finally get it
And you'll be the newest buzz

Come on and be my teacher
I Know you're not a saint
But why be so unmerciful
Can't you show some self restraint

For my malignant narcissism
For my rule by power
Aren't the iris's beautiful
Underneath the prisoners tower

I've protected you and loved you
I've forgiven all your sins
Now the least you can do for me
Is to bend enough to be a friend

Maybe then I'd trust you
Maybe if you'd just learn to compromise
You wouldn't have that look you do
When people look you in the eyes

1:36 am
transcribed this time
7:31 pm


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