Monday, May 10, 2010

It's been my observation

Some people only change
When they're losing
They don't make moral adjustments
Upon rationally considering their choosing

They simply quiet down
They go to lying in wait
They bathe in resentment
They soak in their own foul hate

They play to destroy you
Use every low down dirty trick
They are obsessive and insane
They are unbalanced and sick

But don't mistake their ramblings
For they are tricky and conniving as well
And if they seriously hurt you
They'd laugh like Hell

Oh they'll act partially remourceful
But they know what they're doing
When they give a five minute apology
For a years worth of screwing

First it was all your fault
And you should pay and pay
But when the tables turn
Then they don't want to play

They want to negotiate
But it's not for right or peace
They do it because they're losing
And want the struggle to cease

So they can gather their resources
They can take a little time
To work together another scourge
With their partners in crime

10:31 pm
transcribed this time
10:50 am


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