Saturday, August 12, 2006

She had a streak of violence in her

That took on aspects of a freight train
Or a leopard hunting at night
Or an owl striking silently in the forest
What ever it took to win the fight

She moved with swift decisive deliberation
She could angle in the from the side
Or do a direct all out frontal assault
It was best not to perch on a pedestal of pride

While she was in the area
Sharpening her knives or cleaning her guns
She did not like nancy fancy pants boys
And beat them up just for fun

She liked to wear leather and latex
She gleamed exertion’s sweat
Her eyes shone with intensity and focus
She collected hard on overdue debts


Actually it gave her an over all erotic tone
She paid her dues to know her own mind
She walked with confidence and purpose
But even when still you just knew she was

One of the dangerous kind

11:08 am
transcribed this time
11:44 am


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