Wednesday, August 02, 2006

She sat down before the overflowing toilet

She sat down before the overflowing toilet
And got herself ready for lunch

She had a big spoon in her back pocket
She had a sanitary napkin tucked under her chin
She looked around her new makeshift diner
And grinned a big ol sh*t eating grin

Because she knew she had it all now
She had daring arrogance and panache
She was the upper crust of elitist defeatists
She was the queen of walking talking trash

No longer just a randumb incident
She was part of life's big suck cess pool
Specifically reserved for the porcelain faithful
She wasn't just another mere regular fool

She basked in all her glory as the
Overhead heater came on glowing red
It helped ripen up all the fumes she drew in
Through her nostrils and through out her head

She had a lust for this type behavior
She wasn't ever going to be held back
She saw the Islamo Fascists thugs mugging
And knew just who to back stab and attack

As she kept repeating the dry statistical numbers
Of the American forces killed in action
Swearing all the time she was for peace of course
Oh but how she loved her perceived slimy traction


At being beyond all questioning
And definitely out of reach of any doubt
She knew exactly what she was doing
She knew what it was all about

As she gorged down knowing it would
Maker her a remarkable unmistakable winner
Matter of fact to her it felt so right
She kept right on till it was time for dinner

And then kept going for more
And more and more

11:20 am
transcribed this time
9:12 am



Anonymous said...

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neilsthepoet said...


Give me madness
Utterly clean relentless madness!!


9:47 pm