Monday, July 30, 2007

Bravo Bravo

You never stood up for nuthin

You never stood up for your nation
You never stood up for your race
You were born with a set of cotton balls
No guts and no desire to merge with grace

You were clever with your words
They never touched either blood or bone
When ever a brother ever needed another
You were always proud to stand alone

You believed in contrived connections
You taught nothing of substance or stone
You had all the faith of a false tale teller
For your sins of omissions you never atoned

Oh you were smart enough to give lip service
To look another seriously in the eye
To say that you finally understood your real teacher
Never told you or lived as an example a lie

But those were just conveniences
Something that slipped easily off the tongue
Like the skill you had long ago learned
Long ago when we were all strong and young

But you seemed to meet every test
With a side step a put off or a slide
But neither intellectual acumen or
Protected surroundings forever gets a free ride

Do you remember anything you’ve said
Do you remember any vows that you have taken
Do you remember any chances you’ve been given
Or have you just done your walk away fade

And left them all forsaken

Do you remember sitting on that porch
That wintry day at the Ave B cafe
Do you remember the words
Stand up for the truth

Or have you
Still got nuthin to say

7:37 pm

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