Monday, September 03, 2007

You try to give them a chance....Till you just have to punch their literary teeth out and break their pop corn back bones

You deserve a beat down

A blanket party and a
Foot locker to fall over
Mr rocket car driver and
The world is all flowers and clover

What a punked out bitch
You've turned out to be
Even if you were anything before
All you are now is a used to be

Quite your whining and crying
Neal Young ain't gonna be your friend
How does it feel to live in a world
Completely built around pretend

Cole Porter was in the French Foreign Legion
Jimi Hendrix was Airborne and didn't sing rap
You on the other hand seem to hope against hope
You can slip by with your sing songy soft pedaled crap

Wake up and quit bein the organ grinders monkey
Quit trying to placate the ship of fools request
Some where Some how in Some way you've forgotten
Where to go deep inside to step forth with your best

I bet you can't even name one guy who isn't a lame ass
Who isn't an over self involved hollowed imitation man
What are you gonna do take the so called slide ride
And then and only then on your last day and last breath

Try to do the best you can

10:48 pm
transcribed this time
10:56 pm


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Ellen said...

Well written article.